Build Virtual Power Teams and deliver Outstanding Results!

Virtual, remote or dispersed Teams are everywhere – starting with a large global Teams. Often Projects with dispersed teams struggle with delays or even sometimes completely fail. International Investments at Risk of Intercultural Issues.


  • Senior Managers of Virtual Teams
  • HR Managers
  • L&D Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Coaches and Consultants

Essentially under Managers and Entrepreneurs. All Coaches and Consultants willing to extend their skills to leading virtual, remote and distributed teams. Ideal Add to existing Agile and Scrum certifications.

Benefit for Participant

In this seminar we will answer the following questions:

  • How do you achieve the geographical distance?
  • How to motivate your team spread across multiple locations and establish a winning spirit?
  • How to leverage the new ways of finding and inspiring your employees in the global working environment?
  • How do you use the New Yorkets?
  • How do you do your business with fantastic business results?

Peter Ivanov is an International Manager, Bestselling Author and Virtual Teams Expert. His method “Virtual Power Teams” – “The 10 Big Rocks” is proven in practice and has won multiple corporate awards. The method systematically shows how to lead the organization for the Future! ”

  • using the management system “Virtual Power Teams” we delivered
  • 2 years project involving 20 countries in Europe
  • 3 moths earlier
  • saving 250 000 EUR.

The method “Virtual Power Teams” has been applied in various industries – ITC, FMCG, Energy, Mining, Automotive, Banking & FinTech delivering outstanding results.


  1. Introduction to the method “Virtual Power Teams”
  2. Personality in Focus; Discover individual Strengths
  3. Set Team and individual goals
  4. Strategic goals Roadmaps
  5. Establish structured virtual communication
  6. Exploring the Team and Defining the Optim Team Culture
  7. New Trends in Virtual Teams – Flash Teams, Virtual Teams on Demand
  8. Established Winning Team Spirit

Time for questions

Urban MillWebinar produced and hosting in co-operation with Urban Mill


  • Course will be held in English. Lecturer Peter Ivanov is online. If you will attend webinar at Urban Mill, Otaniemi Espoo, you may ask your questions also in Finnish.
  • Webinar hosting by Mr Kari Mikkelä, Producer at Urban Mill.
  • All registrations will have recorded webinar and course materials to your email afterwards.

Ajankohta: 9.5.2019 klo 10.00 – 11.30 (webinaarin voit katsoa myös tallenteena silloin kun sinulle sopii)

Webinaarikoulutuksen hinta: 197 euroa (+ alv 24 %) / hlö pitää sisällään live- ja webinaaritallenteen sekä koulutusmateriaalin.

Ryhmäalennukset: (osallistujat samasta organisaatiosta) kaksi henkilöä tai enemmän 177 euroa/hlö.

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Peter Ivanov

  • Senior Manager with over 25 years of international experience, 2 Corporate Awards
  • Virtual School Teams in Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics, Management and Marketing
  • Keynote Speaker, Author and Executive Coach
  • World Champion in Discus (Men 45)

Professional Highlights

  • Founder & CEO “Virtual Power Teams” – International Leadership Development Consultancy
  • IT Services Manager for Eastern Europe (3 years)
  • European Project Delivery Manager (2 years)
  • Various IT Management roles in Bulgaria, Hungary and Germany
  • Peter Ivanov is fluent in English, German and Bulgarian, and has a good knowledge of Russian.
  • Virtual Power Teams – Published in 5 languages ​​and Amazon Top 3 in International Management

“Virtual Power Teams” appears in April 2019.

Palaute aikaisemmista koulutuksista:

“I would strongly recommend the Virtual Power Teams Workshop, as a breakthrough exercise for Teams with challenging targets and competitive market contexts. Very Instrumental, straight forward and useful!" Dmitry Zagnet, Business Unit Manager, British American Tobacco

"Many thanks for the wonderful HR Congress today. You've inspired me so much," said Christa-Marie Münchow

"How do you work in the world?" audience with questions, live chat and personal anecdotes. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application included in the session meant colleagues left with a clear call to action and I am looking forward to see the results of this in the coming weeks."Claire Houston, International Future Leaders Programs

“By the end of 2017, we started Transforming to a 100% distributed team between Germany, Nigeria, Spain, Cameroon and the US. Within the first four hours of Peter's coaching, the team was born, but now they have not yet met in real life. I have never experienced anything like this." Konrad Gulla, Founder & CEO of Keeeb Group


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