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Write Right: Impactful Business Writing

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Three module webinar series 

This series develops your business writing in English.

Even brochures and websites with good English often miss some of the emotional language that makes your potential customer care.

You will learn about mistakes you didn’t know you made, options you didn’t know you have and ability you didn’t know was in you.

This webinar is held in English. Trainer Mr. Deron Fuller is from USA.

Who is it for?

  • If you write for a public audience (blogs, marketing material, etc.) or if you write influential documents within your organization, eliminating small mistakes will dramatically improve your image, leading to more success
  • You are a strong writer in your native language and you know that you can step your English up, but you’re not sure how.
  • You produce marketing material in English. Even though you are confident that your message is understood, you worry that the feelings do not come through.

Part One: Right Language

7 “Little” Mistakes

We all make mistakes when we write. Some mistakes have bigger impact than others; they change the message. Other mistakes do not change the message, but they change the image. This webinar deals with mistakes that might seem unimportant, but will most certainly be noticed by many readers. And, as a bonus, they are easy to eliminate.

What do you get?

Since your reader thinks that your writing reflects your thinking, small mistakes can give the impression of carelessness. As a non-native speaker, you may be making mistakes that you don’t know about, but your reader notices and may unconsciously judge you. This webinar will point out and fix some of the most common of these mistakes.


  • Grammar
  • Word choice
  • Punctuation

Q & A

Part Two: Right Nuance

Use your English verbs like a native speaker!

The English system of verbs is not simple. Although learning the system is demanding, it does give us a range of nuance that allows for two aspects of impactful communication: precision and emotion. Native speakers choose a verb form unconsciously most of the time. Non-native speakers – even strong speakers – may not feel the differences in the same way.

This webinar is a tour of the English verb system, looked at not from the perspective of right or wrong, but from the perspective of “what message am I sending with this choice?”

What do you get?

A strong sense of the subtle differences between verb forms helps you produce text that looks natural and speaks to the unconscious.


Part One: Present forms

  • What is the difference between ”I work…” and ”I am working…”? The answer is not quite as simple as your textbook explained.

Part Two: Past forms

  • Talking about the past is likely the most nuanced of the English forms. There are a lot of shades of meaning and potential to send signals.

Part Three: Future forms

  • What is the difference between ”I’m going to work…” and ”I will work…”? Again, not as simple as you thought.

Q & A

Part Three: Right Marketing

7 Aspects of Powerful International English for Marketing Material

Writing in a marketing context poses some interesting challenges. You need to make impact, but your space is usually limited. The choices you make in vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure lead to successful marketing communication.

This webinar helps you to ask the right questions about your marketing writing. Do you need this word? Is there a better way to write this sentence? When can I break the rules?

What do you get?

You add tools for improving the impact of your marketing. You also get a new way to think about the language of marketing.


  • Use your space
  • Build an emotional connection
  • Break the rules

Q & A


Level: basics

The course is made of 3 one-hour sessions + commented slides.


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